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Our History

Fall 2019
Leveraged Lion Capital officially becomes an accredited 3 credit course at the Smeal College of Business
Spring 2018
Relationships with alumni and sponsors are magnified; monthly distribution list created with seasoned credit market professionals
Fall 2017
First Leveraged Lion Capital associate class elected with a new internal educational platform implemented
Spring 2017
First Executive Board for Leveraged Lion Capital is appointed
Leveraged Lion Capital officially becomes a Smeal-recognized student organization at Penn State
Spring 2019

First Penn State Fixed Income Association meetings held and organizational restructuring 
Fall 2018
Revamp of responsibilities and deliverables throughout the organization (weekly reports, research reports, pitch votes, etc.) 
Fall 2016
Co-Founders start drafting organizational materials and file with Office of Student Activities
Summer 2016
Partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the LSTA and S&P Global established
Spring 2016
& Fall 2015
Inception of the Fixed Income Fund; entity within Penn State Asset Management Group
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