Our History

Fall 2018
Revamp of responsibilities and deliverables throughout the organization (weekly reports, research reports, pitch votes, etc)
Fall 2019
Leveraged Lion Capital officially becomes an accredited 3 credit course at the Smeal College of Business
Spring 2018
Relationships with alumni and sponsors are magnified; monthly distribution list created with seasoned credit market professionals
Fall 2017
First Leveraged Lion Capital associate class elected with a new internal educational platform implemented
Spring 2017
First Executive Board for Leveraged Lion Capital is appointed
Leveraged Lion Capital officially becomes a Smeal-recognized student organization at Penn State
Fall 2016
Co-Founders start drafting organizational materials and file with Office of Student Activities
Summer 2016
Partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the LSTA and S&P Global established
Spring 2016
Fall 2015
Inception of the Fixed Income Fund; entity within Penn State Asset Management Group
Spring 2019
First Penn State Fixed Income Association meetings held and organizational restructuring