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“Empowering Penn Staters to reach the highest levels of finance”


At Leveraged Lion Capital, every endeavor is propelled by a singular mission that inspires us to bring forth individuals brimming with enthusiasm and ambition onto the dynamic landscape of Wall Street. Grounded in these values, we are empowered not only to attain success but also to prioritize and nurture personal growth along the way.

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Our organization is deeply committed to fostering diversity and inclusion. To enhance our recruiting efforts, we are implementing diversity programs and opportunities. By doing so, we aim to broaden the spectrum of ideas and backgrounds within the realm of finance, creating a more inclusive and representative environment.


Honor & Integrity

Our organization, proud to be recognized as one of Smeal's first certified Honor and Integrity organizations, upholds the value of honor and integrity by placing a strong emphasis on our members' accountability and ethical conduct in both behavior and deliverables. We are dedicated to fostering a culture where integrity is not just a principle but a lived commitment in every aspect of our work.

Giving Back

Our commitment to the value of giving back is exemplified through our emphasis on organizational involvement beyond the classroom. We've amplified our dedication to THON™ fundraising efforts and have taken a significant step by establishing a new director position. This role is solely dedicated to planning volunteerism and community-focused events, ensuring our members are actively engaged in making a positive impact in the broader community.


Dedication to Personal & Professional Growth

Our organization is deeply committed to fostering personal and professional development by instilling strong ethical and moral standards into the core of our operations. We actively motivate our members to embrace accountability, cultivate confidence, foster teamwork, exhibit humility, demonstrate hard work, and approach their tasks with unwavering passion.

Furthermore, we prioritize the continuous improvement of our members by placing a constant emphasis on enhancing technical knowledge, elevating the quality of deliverables, and refining attention to detail. This dedication to holistic development ensures that our members not only meet but exceed the highest standards in their personal and professional growth journey.

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