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The Penn State Fixed Income Association

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The Penn State Fixed Income Association, or PSFIA, is Leveraged Lion Capital’s feeder program for students interested in joining Leveraged Lion Capital. Students from University Park or Commonwealth Campuses of any academic background are encouraged to attend sessions to learn more about careers on Wall Street and the complex world of credit investing. Educational sessions are led by the Executive Board, Director of PSFIA, and each sector throughout the course of a semester.

To become an active member of the Penn State Fixed Income Association, students are required to pay $25 in dues each semester. Due-paying members receive exclusive access to our canvas page which includes Wall Street interview guides, PSFIA educational presentations, LLC research reports, and contact information of all LLC Portfolio Managers.

Topics covered during the semester include but are not limited to:

  • Wall Street Careers

  • Fixed Income Investing

  • Capital Structure Arbitrage

  • Financial Accounting

  • Valuation Methodologies

  • Credit Agreement Analysis

  • Creating Market Outlooks

PSFIA serves in an educational capacity to students interested in Wall Street careers and/or personal investing. In addition to weekly GBM's, members are encouraged to interact with LLC Portfolio Managers at bi-weekly breakout sessions. These sessions provide opportunities to network, ask questions, and take on more responsibilities.

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Get Involved!

Anyone interested in joining Leveraged Lion Capital should come out to PSFIA meetings on Tuesday evenings. Connect with friends, peers, and other students who have heard of PSFIA, and bring them along.


For any questions or concerns, contact our Directors of PSFIA, Pearse Kelly and TJ Callan.

Choose a Sector!

Another great reason for joining PSFIA is having the chance to learn more about industries in the financial markets. PSFIA analysts can choose from 8 different sectors based on their own interests. Industries to select from include the following:

  • Consumer & Retail

  • Energy

  • Healthcare

  • Industrials

  • Information Technology

  • Materials

  • Media & Communications

  • Real Estate, Gaming & Leisure, and Financial Institutions Group

Apply to WSBC!

Wall Street Boot Camp is a training program designed to better prepare students who aspire to careers in the highly competitive field of financial services. The program has been highly successful in serving dual purposes. It provides a true glimpse of the dedication and focus needed to succeed in a career on Wall Street. This preview allows for the candidate field to be narrowed to only the most aspiring individuals. Also, the program’s targeted approach ensures that students completing the program will be sufficiently prepared to utilize the Smeal network of volunteers.


Click here to learn more!

Interview Application for LLC

We strongly encourage students interested in pursuing a career on Wall Street to come out for interviews. LLC continues to recruit the brightest and most motivated students Penn State has to offer.


Please fill out an application through this link.

Send any questions you have to our Executive Board at

Countdown to Spring 2023 Interviews
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