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Leveraged Lion Capital Placement

Leveraged Lion Capital's dual mandate is to teach undergraduate students at Penn State the intricacies of fundamental credit investing all while helping Portfolio Managers secure front-office jobs across Wall Street. In just a few short years, 113 members of Leveraged Lion Capital have landed full-time positions thanks to our ever-evolving alumni network. We are delighted to now see a handful of major financial institutions recruit at Penn State specifically through Leveraged Lion Capital.


Portfolio Managers in LLC understand that landing a summer internship offer is only half the journey when it comes to pursuing careers on Wall Street. The skill set that our students learn has helped tremendously in securing 100% full-time placement at top-tier investment banks. These positions include Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Private Wealth Management, Asset Management, Research, and more.

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2024 Senior Full-Time Placements


2023 Senior Full-Time Placements


2022 Senior Full-Time Placements


2021 Senior Full-Time Placements

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